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Rhum Chamarel VSOP 70cl 41°

Distillery : Chamarel / Country : Mauritius / Reference: : 22845

Chamarel VSOP rum comes from the young Chamarel distillery located south ouest of Mauritius Island and aged 4 years minimum in oak barrels.

This pure cane juice rum or "fangourin" according to the domestic term, is assembled with distilled rums in colunms (60%) and in pot stills (40%), allowing to acquire rums with different aromas, that are then gathered to obtain a refined rum.

This is the oldest rum from the young range of Charamel distillery inaugurated in 2008.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV41 °

12 years later, the distillery emerged with the idea of producing its own rum, pure cane juice and produced exclusively from the domain plantations. It is one of the youngest distilleries in the country, also considered one of the most beautiful.

This one grows tree types of sugar cane in a 450 hectares domain: the red sugar cane (r570), the yellow one (r573), and the blue one (r579), that brings a certain complexity in the elaboration of different rums.

The distillation method is also variable:

- in a continuous method, using a column of the copper bardet type, which will allow to obtain strong white rums in aromas with a lot of character.

- the other method contists in distilling with two copper stills, heated by steam. This process is called repasse distillation, allowing the development of sugar cane flavors.

Aging takes place for at least 6 months in stainless steel vats. During this period, the contents of these tanks will be slowly stirred in order to eliminate the most volatile alcohols while preserving the aromas and bringing as much roundness as possible to the final result.

The Rhumerie de Chamarel produces nowadays extra aged rums like XO and VSOP.

Nose: distinguished, the nose is dominated by dried fruit notes, exotiques as well as lightly roasted oak. It grows then on vanilla, spicy and herbaceous notes.

Palate: dry without being tart. It has the nose balance and grows on a pastry range: honey, grilled almond, chestnut and brioche.

Finish: long on pepper and oak.