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Depaz XO Millesime 2002 70cl 45°

Distillery : Depaz / Country : Martinique / Reference: : 23828

This new version of the Depaz distillery required no less than 11 years of aging in selected small oak barrels.

The result is a rich, complex tasting rum with gourmet notes of coffee and chocolate. It also reveals notes of slightly peppered cooked fruits.

The last of the Depaz house, we sense the subtle contributions of the exceptional climate of Mount Pelee and its volcanic soil.

It will attract lovers of roundness and old rums

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Volume0.7 L
ABV45 °
TypeOld Rum
MaturationOak Casks

The Depaz distillery is nestled at the foot of Mount Pelee in Martinique. Sun-drenched sugar cane, volcanic soil and extremely pure water give Depaz rum an exceptional taste.

The history of Depaz, the "mountain-flavored rum", begins in 1651 and will be especially marked by the incredible story of a man, Victor Depaz, whose destiny is out of the ordinary.

Originally used for the cultivation of tobacco and farming, the lands were quickly used for the cultivation of sugar cane which had strongly developed thanks to the distillation techniques improvements.
Several families worked there, including Victor Depaz's, and participate in the development of the rum production, and more, in the rise of Saint Pierre.

Saint Pierre became the first global rum port. The barrels were shipped to Europe where the amber liquid was very popular.

On the 8th of May 1902, the volcano of Mount Pelee woke up and the city of Saint Pierre was wiped off the map. Victor Depaz, who was studying in France, learnt about the terrible disaster at the same time as the disappearance of his entire family. Orphan, ruined, he decided to settle in Canada but on the road, during a stop in Martinique, he understood that his destiny was there and decided to stay.

On the 8th of May 1917, 15 years after the eruption, he started his new distillery supplied by the 521 hectares of sugar cane which he now owns on the flanks of Mount Pelee.

He also built a family home, soon called Castle Depaz, where he moved in 1922 with his wife and eleven children.

Throughout his life, Victor Depaz constantly developed the rums that bear his name.

In 1922, the Depaz rums obtained their first medal in Marseille. They were rewarded with a gold medal at the 1927 exhibition in La Rochelle. This was the beginning of a long harvest of rewards that still continues today.

In the 1950', the sons of Victor Depaz took over from their father. André and Raoul Depaz modernized the production of sugar cane and improved the distillery that everyone now calls the Depaz distillery.

Sun-drenched sugar cane, volcanic soils and extremely pure water contribute to the exceptional taste of Depaz rums.

Two types of cane are grown there: the famous blue cane (60% of the production), perfectly adapted to this Martinican soil, and the cane cinnamon. The size of the volcanic lands gives a mineral power to the canes located on the volcano skirt which develop a sweet and fruity bouquet with mineral notes. The rum comes out enriched with heavy esters that contribute to its elegance.

Today the cellar master of the distillery is a woman, which is very rare in the spirits industry and the very first in the history of AOC rum. Nora Carrion-Martinez, a trained chemical process and technology engineer, felt under the spell of the agricultural rum when she arrived in Martinique in 1990. She now has been working for the Depaz distillery for over twenty years. She clearly claims her feminine approach to rum which is a great success as the brand receives lots of rewards. If Depaz mainly uses American and French type barrels, she is currently experimenting with special drums.

Colour: beautiful orange with copper highlights.

Nose: rich and complex: marriage of cane sugar, chocolate and candied fruit flavors supported by the delights of pastry fragrances.

Palate: presents a supple and gourmet attack, dominated by the flavours of candied fruit and gently accompanied by the delicacy of the woody and the plume of spicy notes.

Final: displays a subtle finish in a very beautiful length.

Silver Medal of the Concours Général Agricole 2016 in Paris.