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La Maison du Rhum Guatemala Botran No2 70cl 55°

Brand : Botran Aged Rum / Country : Guatemala / Reference: : 23978

Old rum from the Botran house in a limited edition of 6857 bottles which title at 55°, a degree quite unusual for rums of this style.

This Guatemala rum is produced from virgin sugar cane honey and distilled in column stills before aging at an altitude of 2300 meters in ex-Bourbon barrels & re-toasted Bourbon barrels.

The traditional Spanish method Solera, which wants older rums to mix with younger rums to “educate” them, gives this rum a nice complexity while the re-toasted ex-Bourbon casks bring it roasted notes and touches of caramel. It develops intense aromas of exotic fruits, accompanied by woody notes.

This Maison du Rhum Guatemala rum is presented in case with its 4 coasters.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeOld Rum
BrandBotran Aged Rum

The collection of La Maison du Rhum brings together some of the most renowned distilleries in its selection from the four corners of the world.

These exceptional bottlings, reserved for French amateurs, seek to showcase all the know-how and traditions of rum, rhum or ron production made from pure cane juice, molasses or cane honey.

The selection of great finesse develops through the vintages, the mentions of ages, the types of stills and the aging. A unique valuation of each origin, each style to make us travel as close as possible to rum producing countries and prestigious distilleries: Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Reunion.

The bottling is wrapped by a rum enthusiast and collector of old labels as a source of inspiration, reminds us that, more than ever, the taste of rum is also that of travel.

Nose: fine and floral, full of notes of exotic, cooked fruits and slightly caramelized notes.

Palate: round, fruity carried on pineapple, caramel, aging in toasted casks brings a woody and roasted touch.

Finish: lively, relatively dry with pleasant aromas of exotic fruits.