Botran 15 Years Solera Gift Box 70cl 40° + 2 Glasses

Brand : Botran Aged Rum / Country : Guatemala / Reference: : 24821

This gift box features a bottle of Botran Solera 15 years rum and two tasting glasses.

This ron is the result of a blend of rums aged between 5 and 15 years using the Solera method.

Produced at altitude (at 2300 m precisely), this 15-year-old Botran Solera has aged in three types of barrels before bottling: Bourbon, Sherry and Port. The result is a soft and generous rum, with a rich aromatic profile marked by fruity and vanilla notes.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV40 °
TypeOld Rum
BrandBotran Aged Rum
MaturationBourbon, Sherry and Porto

Since 1939, the Botran family in Guatemala has been crafting rums of exception. It has forged itself a very specific knowledge in the elaboration of original, distinctive rums with no equivalent in the rest of the world.

They developed a unique elaboration process, consisting in keeping only the first juices when crushing the sugarcanes.  It is then placed on low heat and slowly transformed into cane honey, for added sweetness and richness to create a remarkable rum.

Nose: woody at first, with vanilla and spices. Toffee notes referring to dry fruits (bananas, apricots and figs) and caramel.

Palate: soft and mellow, spicy and fruity. The caramel turns into maple syrup and envelopes the palate. Coffee notes, liquorice and cloves.

Finish: woody and a little tannic.