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The Strathallan 1L 40°

Country : Scotland / Reference: : 22362

The Strathallan is a wonderful homage done to the eponymous, beautiful sailing ship. This whisky draws from the flavoursome aromas of various Scotch whiskies and is a well-balanced spirit.

This blend is traditionally made from numerous Scotch Single Malts and Single Grains.

The Strathallan is altogether a good choice for whisky lovers and experts, with its round, silky, sweet texture, and a complex, caramelised finish.

This whisky may be tasted neat or with a dash of water. The aromatic depth and character of The Strathallan make it a perfect partner for cocktails.

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Volume1 L
ABV40 °
TypeBlended Whisky
PeatNon Peated

Colour: amber.

Nose: round and lively with character and classic scotch whisky flavours.

Palate: round, silky and sweet with sophisticated notes and a delicate malty presence.

Finish: lingering onto caramel and grain notes.