Beach House White Spiced 70cl 40°

Country : Mauritius / Reference: : 22960

Beach House White Spiced is a spicy and fruity rum from the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is famous for its gorgeous beaches, its fields of sugarcane and delicious litchees.

Beach House infused its rum with exotic fruits such as lichees and grapefruit, together with subtle tropical spices and filtered it to gain a very original transparent spiced rum. The result is a sweet, fruity rum with delicate notes of fresh lichees and passion fruit lifted with a hint of spice.

A very pleasant rum to enjoy fresh or in a cocktail.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV40 °
TypeSpiced Rum

Beach House Rum offers high quality rums arranged in a very original style. Produced from the finest Mauritian rum in the Indian Ocean, the Beach House Rum spirits are harmonious blends of spicy, peppery and fruity notes with great sweetness. Rums with very tropical consonances.

Colour: transparent and pure.

Nose: fresh and delicate sweet notes of litchees and exotic fruits.

Palate: confirms the notes revealed in the first inhalations. A smooth taste sensation that combines perfectly the raw sugarcane flavours with litchee, grapefruit, passion fruit and other tropical aromas.

Finish: long and palatable with tropical accents.