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Evan Williams Black Label 1L 43°

Distillery : Evan Williams Bourbon / Country : United States / Reference: : 20434

Created with an original formula dating back to 1783, and crafted in the purest of traditions of Sour Mash Whiskey, Straight Bourbon Evan Williams (with a high percentage of corn, around 80%) has been distilled at the heart of Kentucky, official and only country to hold the Bourbon appelation, an equivalent of the French AOC, 'Appelation d'Origine Controlee', official quality mark dedicated to local products.

The "Sour Mash" technique allows for steady production characteristics from one batch to another. Incorporating a part of the liquids remaining from the first distillation in the next fermentation batch, a "genetic" link is created from one batch to another. Sour mash is truly the whiskey DNA.

The typical rich and silky flavours of 7 Year-old Evan Williams are the reason why it has been acclaimed worldwide by Bourbon enthusiats. This Black Label version of the famous Evan Williams Bourbon whiskey shows character and great value.

Evan Williams Black Label offers a vanilla profile, with spices and leather notes. Charred oak aromas and lemon also feature in this great spirit.

Today, Evan Williams is the second best-selling Bourbon whiskey in the USA and worldwide.

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Volume1 L
Net Weight1 kg
ABV43 °
TypeBourbon Whiskey
DistilleryEvan Williams Bourbon
CountryUnited States
MaturationNew Oak
PeatNon Peated

Evan Williams is the founder of Kentucky’s first commercial distillery.

In 1783, he opened a distillery on the banks of Ohio River, to work with locally grown corn abundant in Kentucky. Evan Williams was known to be an all-rounder and a likeable guy. Entrepreneur, politician, he really thrived as a Bourbon whiskey distiller. Even today, Heaven Hill, who bought the distillery, is still using the traditional methods set up by Evan Williams himself to craft his Bourbon. The Evan Williams Bourbon is today the second best-selling Bourbon in the United States and worldwide.

Colour: copper gold.

Nose:  straightforward. A mix of pepper, caramel, butter, apricot, tangy fruits. Reveals also clean notes of cedar wood and oak sawdust. After a while in the glass, floral perfumes rise.

Palate:  distinguished. Bursting with mint and beewax, with floral touches of rose. Evolves quickly onto zan candies and butter, with a marked return of the rose. Wraps up the palate.

Finish: everlasting, with mint, butter, fresh nuts. Return of floral scents. 

An ideal Bourbon whiskey base for many cocktails.