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Blanche hermine 33cl

Brewery : Lancelot / Country : France / Reference: : 20482

Blanche Hermine is a white wheat beer created in 1997 by the Lancelot brewery, inspired with the white hermine to craft the perfect whiteness of its beer.

The legend goes that Breton King Conan Meriadec found once a white ermine, or stoat, by a creek. Looking for a way out through the mud, the trapped ermine faced the hunters rather than getting dirt on its immaculate white fur. From this arose Britanny's motto: "Rather death than dishonour!"

Blanche Hermine is also the name of a song sung by poet and singer Gilles Servat.

est aussi le titre d'une chanson du chanteur et poète Gilles Servat.

This is a light and low-acohol beer. Serve chilled.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV4 °
TypeWhite Ale

Born in 1990, the Lancelot Brewery is located at the heart of Brittany, in a mansion built in the times of Duchess Anne. The brewery is today installed in the beautiful renovated buildings of the former gold mine of Roc St-André, built in the nineteenth century on Neolithic remains.

Beers are all handcrafted and brewed in the respect of tradition. Rich in flavours and appreciated by connoisseurs, each sip takes you to the magical world of legends of the ancient Brocéliande forest.

Allergen information: contains gluten.

2006 - Silver Medal, Concours Général Agricole.

2014 - Bronze Medal, Concours Général Agricole.

2015 - Silver Medal, Concours Général Agricole.

Serve chilled in a tall and narrow glass, for the perfect refreshing drink.