Blanche Hermine IPA 33cl 5.6°

Brewery : Lancelot / Country : France / Reference: : 22941

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The Blanche Hermine IPA received the gold medal in the American IPA style category.

Originally, the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) were exported from England to India. Extra hop was added to the beer for longer conservation during the journey.

However, IPA white beers are relatively scarce. The Blanche Hermine (White Ermine) IPA has been brewed by Lancelot Brewing Company with Columbus and Mount Hood hops, to deliver a subtle combination between the classic Belgian style and the American offbeat taste. Great bitterness with grapefruit and lychee.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV5.6 °
TypeWhite Ale

Born in 1990, the Lancelot Brewery is located at the heart of Brittany, in a mansion built in the times of Duchess Anne. The brewery is today installed in the beautiful renovated buildings of the former gold mine of Roc St-André, built in the nineteenth century on Neolithic remains.

Beers are all handcrafted and brewed in the respect of tradition. Rich in flavours and appreciated by connoisseurs, each sip takes you to the magical world of legends of the ancient Brocéliande forest.

Allergen information: contains gluten.

Colour: pale dimmed yellow.

Nose: intense, with strong hoppy notes, revealing a rich aromatic palette:resins, flowers, exotic fruits...

Palate: lively and refreshing, with a strong bitterness and hoppy flavours.

2017 - Golden medal at Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2017.

2018 - Golden medal of American style IPA in World Beer Awards.