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Glenmorangie Astar 2017 70cl 57.1°

Archive Glenmorangie Astar 2017 70cl 57.1°
Distillery : Glenmorangie / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 23240

In 2008, Glenmorangie launched the Single Malt Astar, an exceptional whisky, resulting of long years of research into the maturation and influence of barrels. Astar means "journey" in Scottish Gaelic. It is signed by Bill Lumsden, the brilliant Master Distiller of Glenmorangie. It symbolizes perfectly the constant quest for perfection of the distillery.

The Single Malt Astar is fully aged in carefully selected slow-growing oak barrels in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, USA. It is a wood with great porosity which gives a great richness and a very nice density to the whisky. It has been meticulously crafted with exact specifications so that it permeates with powerful aromas the whisky Astar, this precious spirits from Highlands.

This quality requirement and the depth of the whisky delighted connaisseurs, quickly provoking the rupture of the first version of the Single Malt. It took many years to orchestrate the renaissance of this Glenmorangie Astar 2017. A limited edition that brings even more depth, richness and complexity to this particularly round and velvety Single Malt.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV52.5 °
TypeSingle malt
MaturationAmerican Oak
PeatNon Peated
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered
PackagingCardboard Box

The Glenmorangie distillery operates with the tallest Pot Stills of Scotland (5.13m). This is the size of an adult giraffe!

These stills with spherical compartments (boil ball) play a decisive role in the crafting of the light and subtle Glenmorangie character. Only the lightest alcoholic vapours are collected. The spring waters used by the distillery are naturally filtered through limestone and impart Glenmorangie with its spicy character. The aged versions are increasingly powerful and develop delicate vanilla notes.

Glenmorangie is today an extraordinary pioneer in the art & science of oak cask maturation, and offers a spectacular choice of special finishes. Glenmorangie has a very strict policy and uses only first and second fill barrels, a process that magnifies the layers of flavours. The Glenmorangie distillate ages in ex-Bourbon, American white oak casks for at least 10 years. Glenmorangie collects a share from the ex-Bourbon casks and transfers it into casks that previously contained other alcohols or wines, thus extending the maturation: this is the “wood finish”. The use of casks that previously contained Sherry, Port, Madeira wines or Bourgogne wines maintains the essential balance of Glenmorangie whisky, while imparting intriguing characteristics to the spirit.

The art of cask maturation at Glenmorangie has been influenced by more than 25 years of research, enabling the Master Distiller to find the perfect casks for the Single Malts, and acquire the reputation of an expert amongst the circles of whisky maturation experts.

Colour: bright gold.

Nose: rich, it shines with notes of caramel and honey that blend with floral tips, fresh mint and squeezed lemon. A beautiful explosion of coconut aromas develops on the bottom.

Palate: sweet and creamy on the palate, with hints of crème brûlée, tropical fruits, apricots and vanilla cream, followed by creamy caramel, notes of hazelnut, clove, grilled oak and a refreshing touch of menthol.

Finish: honey and almond leave room for aromas of iced coconut and anise to offer a soft and persistent finish.