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Old Speckled Hen 5° 50cl

Country : England / Reference: : 20507

Old Speckled Hen (OSH) has been firstly brewed in Oxfordshire, England, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MG factory. Why OSH? This name derives of one of the MG cars used to move around in the factory

Old Speckled Hen has been recorded as best selling bitter beer in England on December 31, 2004.

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Volume0.5 L
ABV5 °
TypeAmber Ale

Colour: in the glass, OSH shows a rich foam, with a golden amber colour mingled with red warm tones.

Perfume: quite distinctive - very fruity, with rich malty undertones.

Taste: OSH delivers a wonderful warm perfume quite different from the body. Malt and toffee flavours mingle on the palate for a beautiful balance sweetness, without being too much.

Finish: really perfect - dry and satisfactory.

Recipe: the malty and fruity flavours and aromas are brought by a combination of fair and crystalline malts of a certain yeast variety, firstly used in 1896, and unique to OSH.

A balanced bitterness and dry finish are delivered by the hop, a signature variety typical of English flavours. The dry finish is quite surprising for such a strong ale.

Warm, fruity, malty and well-balanced.