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Lancelot 7 Beers Gift Pack & 1 Glass

Brewery : Lancelot / Region : Brittany / Reference: : 20651

Discover the 7 flavours of the Lancelot brewery with this selection presented in a wooden case:

1. Morgane, organic blonde ale, 5.5°: referring to the healer fairy of Avalon, the other Celtic world, the Morgane beer results from the craftmanship of the Breton organic producers and master brewers. With a light bitterness, this beer is quite fruity, floral, natural and refreshing.

2. Cervoise, amber beer, 6°:
An exceptional flavour imparted by a blend of seven herbs and honey. A bright amber beer.

3. Duchesse Anne, blond beer, 6.5° :
Created as a tribute to Ann of Britanny, this beer has been flavoured with the finest hops and delivers incredible malt and fruity aromas.

4. Telenn Du, brown organic beer, 4.5° :
Made from malted barley and buckwheat, this is a typically Breton beer. Quite light and sweet, this brown beer develops a subtle bitterness under a fine thick foam.

5. Blanche Hermine, white beer, 4° :
The whiteness of the ermine, emblem of Britanny, is captured in this light beer, that should be enjoyed chilled.

6. Lancelot, blond beer, 6° :
A beer with golden reflects, in the style of the top-fermented trappist beers. It has been brewed with spring oat and flavoured with Saatz hops.

7. Bonnets Rouges, flavoured beer, 5.5° :
"Bonnets Rouges" (the red caps) refers to a Breton uprising against the Royal government in 1675. This beer develops a light fruity flavour brought by the elderberry, with a strong malt body and a touch of caramel.


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Born in 1990, the Lancelot Brewery is located at the heart of Brittany, in a mansion built in the times of Duchess Anne. The brewery is today installed in the beautiful renovated buildings of the former gold mine of Roc St-André, built in the nineteenth century on Neolithic remains.

Beers are all handcrafted and brewed in the respect of tradition. Rich in flavours and appreciated by connoisseurs, each sip takes you to the magical world of legends of the ancient Brocéliande forest.

Allergen information: contains gluten.