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O'Hara Gift Box 3 x 50cl 4.73°

Brewery : Carlow / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23195

To share with friends or perfect as a present, this gift box has three essential irish beers : 'Opsession IPA 4°, Freebird White IPA 5° and Irish Pale Ale 5.2°.

'Opsession IPA 4° : it's a light and refreshing beer, an IPA rich in hops with whole flavours, perfect for appetizers.

Freebird White IPA 5° : it's a fruity and refreshing beer, a balance between a belgium beer and IPA. This beer goes perfectly with cheese, sea food or even spicy meals.

Irish Pale Ale 5.2° : this beer is a balance between traditional irish "pale ale" and american dry-hopping.

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Volume1.5 L
ABV4.73 °
RegionCounty Carlow

In 1996, the Carlow brewery was established by the O’Hara Brothers. The O’Hara beer became international when the Celtic brown beer was elected number 1 at the Millenium Brewery International Ceremony.

The marriage of traditional brewing techniques, modern technology with the finest natural ingredients make Carlow beers amongst the richest, most flavoured and most complex beers.

The brewery is located in The Goods Store, a wonderful stone-walled building formerly used as a loading and unloading warehouse for the nearby train station. Now refurbished, the brewery includes a tasting bar, perfect for visitors who wish to taste the local beer while discovering the brewery’s interior.

'Opsession IPA 4° :

Colour: gold with white foam.

Nose: intense notes of fruits, pine trees and hops with soft malt aromas.

Palate: spicy and malty notes balance with the bitterness of hops.

Finish: dry and refreshing hops notes, very pleasant in palate.

Freebird White IPA 5° :

Colour: light gold with white foam.

Nose: citruses overcome (orange, grapefruit) and then leave room to sweet notes such as peach, banana and cloves.

Palate: an intense combination between citruses, delicate aromas of fruits and spices.

Finish: long, with citruses and hops.

Irish Pale Ale 5.2° :

Colour: golden with white foam.

Nose: aromatical with pleasant hop notes.

Palate: light malty notes and a very strong hop character. Grapefruit and spicy notes as well.

Finish: citruses aromas leave room to floral and spicy notes, the Amarillo hop stays in palate.