Glengoyne 12 Years Old 70 cl 43°

Distillery : Glengoyne / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 21751

If we compare 12-year-old Glengoyne to the 10-year-old expression, we discover a Single Malt with more body thanks to its 43° titration and a character taking more Sherry. Indeed, the whisky benefited from a rich maturation with an assembly of:

20% in first-fill European oak casks containing Sherry,
20% in first fill American oak barrels containing Bourbon,
60% in second fill oak casks.

These differences, combined with two extra years of maturation in casks, give Glengoyne 12 years old a much more assertive character, while remaining in the inimitable style of the distillery.

This 12-year-old Single Malt is distilled in the purest tradition of Glengoyne from malted barley by pulsed air, without peat smoke, preserving the authentic "real taste of malt".

Craftsmanship, as well as processes to make and age the whisky, bring out notes of lemon zest,  candy apples and a scent of coconut.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV43 °
TypeSingle malt
Age12 years
MaturationBourbon & Sherry
PeatNon Peated

Glengoyne is a whisky with unique taste. The natural environment of this valley (Glen) full of magic has contributed to the making of this remarkable Highlands Single Malt whisky.

The rain pouring on Dumgoyne Hill granite rocks fills up with fragrant heather aromas, and runs down in pure and clear streams absorbing completely the unpeated barley flavour. Since 1833, the Glengoyne distillery has still been using traditional methods and craft arts to retain the authenticity of its whiskies. Located on the old Highland Line, the spirit is made in the Highlands but stocked in the Lowlands. At Glengoyne, the barley malting is done naturally, without using peat fire, which preserves the delicate, original aromatic hues of barley. Glengoyne Single Malt has a distinctive unpeated taste that lets each flavour to break through.

Colour: natural yellow-gold.

Nose: aromas of coconut oil, lemon zest, honey and dried malt.

Palate: very sweet, the initial palate is reminiscent of caramel apples and cinnamon, while a little water reveals ginger, fresh orange, and shortbread.

Finale: harmonious then softened by touches of Sherry and sweet oak.

Bronze Medal, Scotch Highlands Single Malt 12 years and under category, World Whiskies Awards 2023.

Bronze Medal, Scotch Highlands Single Malt 12 years and under category, World Whiskies Awards 2022.

Bronze medal, 12 years old and under Scotch Highlands Single Malt category, World Whiskies Awards 2021

It is a whisky that can be enjoyed with smoked salmon, game but also chocolate.