Balbair 2005 70cl 46° View full size

Balbair 2005 70cl 46°

• Volume0.7 L
• ABV46 °
• TypeSingle malt
• DistilleryBalblair
• CountryScotland
• RegionHighlands
• Vintage2005
• Age12 years
• MaturationBourbon
• PeatNon Peated
• Reference :20666

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Balblair 2005 is the most recent vintage of the distillery. Its aging in American oak casks, which have been previously used for Bourbon whiskey, imparts flavours of fruit and vanilla.

A fruity and gourmet Single Malt which shows once again all the elegance, intensity and balance typical of the Balblair distillery.

Located near by Edderton village in Scotland, Balbair is only 10 km apart from Glenmorangie. But compared to its neighbourg, the distillery made a radical choice and developped its communication, Balbair Single Malt became a privilege for connoisseurs.

Balbair is part of the few distilleries that only produce rare vintages. The Balbair whisky is rich, genrous, round with fruity aromas. Bottled at 43% minimum (and 46% for older versions), ithis whisky is ideal for beginners: no peated notes, no iodine and very occasionaly woody.

The distillery has an elegant victorian architecture, form the 18 th century, entirely rebuilt in 1872, its name means "battle filed" in gaelic, refering to the noumerous viking invations in the region. Balbair has three pot stills but only used two. In the shape of an onions, they are large and stocky.

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Balbair 2005 70cl 46°

Balbair 2005 70cl 46°

Balblair Vintage 2005, aged in Bourbon casks, is an elegant Single Malt with fruity and vanilla flavours.

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Colour: gold.

Nose: green apples, spices, orange peel, white flowers and vanilla notes.

Palate: fruity and gourmet. Citrus, toffee, vanilla,ripe fruits.

Finish: long and elegant.Slight spicy notes.