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White Sow Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout 33cl 5.2°

Brewery : The White Hag / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23080

With this beer, the Irish brewery The White Hag offers a soft stout that is also rich and strong. When tasting this beer, notes of roasted malt, chocolate milk, liquorice and a hint of coffee are noted. The malty backbround reveals a velvety sensation.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV5.2 °
TypeBrown Ale
BreweryThe White Hag

The irish mythologie believes that The White Hag represents a witch, and even mother nature. It's the land's spiritual force, the spirit of Ireland, that shaped itself thanks to the land and pure water.

The irish brewery The White Hag makes Ale, Stout, IPA and Lager beers.

Colour : dark brown.

Palate : perfect match between roasted malts, creamy chocolate milk with notes of coffee and caramel. The tasting is very smooth.

Finish : a lasting sensation, pleasant and velvety.