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Tempest Red Eye Flight Stout 33cl 7.4°

Country : Scotland / Reference: : 23781

Tempest Red Eye Stout Flight is a beautiful Stout Porter beer with a lot of bitterness. It has 50 IBU*.

Brewed by Tempest, a Scottish brewery ranked 90th in the list of the best breweries in the world by Ratebeer in 2018, Red Eye Flight Stout offers a lot of originality.

It is infused with coffee beans after being brewed with cocoa and sugar. Dark brown in colour, it has aromas of grilled malts, coffee, chocolate, caramel and sugar on the nose. The palate is marked by flavours of chocolate, dominating coffee, caramel, dried fruits and spices.

Tempest Red Eye Stout Flight was rated 99/100 on RateBeer.

The name 'Red Eye Flight' refers to the symptom of tiredness caused by nocturnal travel.

*International bitterness unit (IBU symbol) is a unit used by brewers to measure the bitterness of their beers. It is a unit weight of one part per million (ppm) of isohumulone (an alpha acid), the bitterness agent that comes from hops.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV7.4 °
TypeBrown Ale