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Kalak Vodka Peat Cask 70cl 40°

Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23276

Ditilled four times in a copper pot still, using Irish malted barley and pure mountain water, this Single Malt vodka is then finished in virgin oak casks, charred over an Irish peat fire.

Named of the Celtic Queen of Winter, Kalak, "Cailleach" in gaelic, is a true expression of Ireland’s terroir. It is its land, its weather and its people’s ancient craft in a bottle.

This Irish spirit can have both designations of Vodka and Single Malt.

48,50 € tax incl.

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TypeSingle malt
RegionCounty Cork
MaturationNew Oak

Colour: golden.

Nose: aromas of honeycomb, toffee and vanilla are complemented with delicate earthy undertones

Palate: mellow smokiness evolves on the palate with vanilla, gingerbread and creaminess. 

Finish: long, smooth and lingering.