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Amahagan Red Wine Wood Finish Edition N°2 70cl 47°

New Amahagan Red Wine Wood Finish Edition N°2 70cl 47°
Distillery : Nagahama / Country : Japan / Reference: : 24405

Namahagan, the smallest distillery in Japan, unveils its second Amahagan edition with this Blended Malt.

An expression that combines its first edition in Bourbon cask with foreign malts aged in red wine casks.

This combination offers a tasting marked by the fruity richness of the red wine (grapes and berries) well balanced with the malt.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeBlended Malt
MaturationWine casks
PeatNon Peated
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered

Founded in 2016, Nagahama is considered the smallest distillery in Japan.

It also uses one of the smallest stills in the country for its distillation process, called “aranbic” in reference to its characteristic shape reminiscent of Arab architecture.

Based on the shores of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, the distillery produces Japanese Single Malts and also carefully selects whiskies produced all over the world to create perfectly mastered Blends.

For its production, Nagahama benefits from mineral-rich water during the snowmelt of Mount Ibuki, located just behind the distillery.

Nose: rich, in perfect harmony with the sweetness of malt and ripe fruits, grapes and red berries.

Palate: smooth and deep, marked by the sweet bitterness of the tannins.

Finish: medium, marked spices such as cinnamon and pepper.