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Salmon Box Talisker Classic Malts & Food

Distillery : Talisker / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 37129

This gift box Classic Malts & Food is an invitation to discover new surprising flavours. It contains a bottle of Talisker Port Ruighe, a cookbook and 4 degustation glasses.

Off the North-West coast of Scotland, the isle of Skye has a spectacular and savage beauty not visible elsewhere. Its unique distillery, Talisker, offers a malt with a strong maritime character. This Single Malt is named after the Gaelic name of the main port of the island, Port Ruighe. This name pays tribute to the Scottish sailors who traded the famous Port wine all over the world. It also refers to the double maturation in Port casks, bringing a wonderful sweetness to this version of Talisker. This expression combines the strong marine character of Talisker with the mellow berry fruitiness brought by the Port pipes.

Talisker and salmon are completing perfectly. The melting texture of salmon takes over on the malt power, spotlight the subtle notes slightly perfumed. This meeting in high sea is marked by the iodized and smoked flavours allows to the Talisker to disclosure its richness, offering a spicy intensity.

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TypeSingle malt
RangeClassic Malts
MaturationBourbon & Port
PeatLightly Peated

A few miles away from the west coast of the Highlands sits the Isle of Skye, with its rugged coastline and windswept peat lands.

The small coastal town of Carboast, on the shores of Loch Harport and on the foothills of the Cuillins,  is nestled in a region battered by the winds and sea breeze, Talisker. This is where the only one distillery of the island chose to settle – one of the most prestigious and isolated of all.

Back in 1825, Hugh and Kenneth Mac Askill decided to establish themselves on the Isle of Skye. They quickly grew fond of their adoptive region, and rented a plot in Carbost to build, in 1830, the Talisker distillery. Laden with salt, lava and peat, the distillery bottles exceptional Single Malts, known for their spicy, powerful character.

Because of the unique character and quality of Talisker whiskies, the distillery features in the Classic Malts Selection. Created more than 20 years ago, this selection recognises Single Malts crafted in the tradition of iconic distilleries, and offers the most impressive whisky styles Scotland has to offer.