Campari Bitter 70cl 25°

Country : Italia / Reference: : 25362

Campari is a famous Italian liqueur produced near Milan since 1860. The secret of its recipe is jealously guarded. It contains more than 60 natural ingredients, such as herbs, spices, and fruit peels.

Campari has become iconic with its intense red colour and unique taste. The liquor has a bitter taste with herbaceous notes on the palate.

It is widely used in the creation of famous cocktails such as the Americano, created by Gaspare Campari himself, and the Negroni. The liqueur is usually consumed on its own or mixed with sparkling water, prosecco and orange peel to create the famous Spritz Campari. It is also popular as Campari Tonic, an easy-to-make refreshing cocktail.

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