Penforn Coco Bay 50cl 17.5°

Brewery : Brasserie du Bout du Monde / Country : France / Reference: : 24023

The Pen forn range is the latest creation of the Breton brewery Bout du Monde: arranged beer liquors with natural fruit flavours.

Coco Bay is refreshing with its aromas of coconut, pineapple and banana. No bitterness, this liquor is mostly fruity and sweet, its power remains balanced with a nice length.

Ideal to accompany the end of the meal or to revisit your cocktails.

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Volume0.5 L
ABV17.5 °
BreweryBrasserie du Bout du Monde

From the sea to the land… La Brasserie du Bout du Monde (Land’s End Brewery) was born in Brittany, 2013, after three years of thinking, research and studies, as “quality and taste flourish with time, and such is the spirit of our brewery”, entrepreneur O. Lallemand says, placing quality at the heart of his concerns.

The brewery uses full-bodied mashing schedules (a steady single temperature for the mashing): the mashing process consists of soaking the crushed malt to extract starch.  The brewery is unusually located in a former military tunnel where the beers are refined at least two weeks at a temperature of 12 to 14°C.

This underground tunnel served as a warehouse for NATO’s ammunition. It was then used by the Ministry of Defense and was bought by the municipality communities in 2009.

Ingredients: spirit of beer, water, sugar, natural fruit flavours.