Smokehead 70cl 43°

Distillery : Smokehead / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 20853

Single Malt from the mythical island of Islay, intensely peated. It is presented in its metal case.

For many Single Malts lovers, Islay rhymes with peat and smoke. This is the version of Ian Macleod Distillers Limited, called "Smokehead", for trendy whisky lovers who want to assert themselves with original spirits ... Just a simple look on the bottle and its packaging is enough to understand why it does "stand out" - literally - out of the whisky world, and especially the Single Malts world

Besides the transparency that highlights the beautiful amber colour, the bottle is covered with a large golden skull.

57,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV43 °
TypeSingle malt
PackagingMetal Tube

For many Single Malts lovers, Islay rhymes with peaty and smoky.

The Treasure Island

The most western island of Scotland (the Hebrides not included) is not very attractive, with its pebbly hills less than 500 meters high and its windswept peat bogs. But Islay is a true paradise for whisky aficionados, as it boasts the most impressive malts of Scotland. The island has many reasons why whisky production is so vibrant. Its rich soil produces the barley needed for the distillation process, water flows from the sky, the wetlands used to provide the main combustible material and cover almost a quarter of the island.

For many Single Malts lovers, Islay rhymes with peaty and smoky. This is what offers the new Ian MacLeod expression, “Smokehead”, addressed to young, hype customers looking for the stylish, original spirits…