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Lagavulin 12 Years Old 16th Release 70cl 57.7°

Distillery : Lagavulin / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 23003

This 12 Year-Old Lagavulin in Limited Editions is one of the great Islay whisky's classics: wonderfully smoked and peated, a sofisticated and smooth whisky.

At the nose, peat smoke fill in the space, and emerges all Lagavulin's complex aromas, on icing sugar gentleness. The palate overwhelms with mint, heather honey and orange marmalade on a woody note.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV57.7 °
TypeSingle malt
Age12 years
PeatHeavily Peated

Built in 1816 on the South-East coast of Islay, not far from the ruins of Dunyvaig castle, old fortress of the Lord of the Isles, the Lagavulin distillery produces a Single Malt almost as legendary as the island where it was born.

Amongst Islay malts recognized for their peated and smoky character, Lagavulin is known for its complexity and depth: powerful, intensely peated, it is also rich, round and mellow. This double character is the key to appreciate the two new versions bottled at cask strength recently released by the distillery. The unique quality and style of Lagavulin whiskies ranks the distillery in the Classic Malts Selection. Created more than 20 years ago, this selection recognises Single Malts crafted in the tradition of iconic distilleries, and offers the most impressive whisky styles Scotland has to offer.

Color: pale gold with watery green shades

Nose: intensely peated smoke, fresh and powerful. Then nice aromas, lemon, spicy mint, orange marmalade and icing sugar.

Palate: smooth, oily, soft and suave, iodized seasonned. Chocolat with fruit and cocoa, peat is dominante and hearty, followed by minted notes, grains and volcanic steam. A sip of water makes the palate tastier and sugarier leaving the honey, fruit sirup and woody oak notes.

Finish: long and delightful on the peat, smoked aromas and wild herbs.